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Leostar Plus is one step above Leostar Standard as it contains one extra module of your choice which can be chosen from the list of optional modules given on this page. So from this package not only you shall get all the benefits of Leostar Standard but also one extra module of your choice that caters to your needs/meets your requirements. Leostar Plus contains all features of Leostar Standard and the features of optional module chosen by you shall add extra colors and features to your software thus converting it into Leostar Plus.

Vedic Astrology Software Leostar Plus contains all feaures of Leostar Standard i.e. 1) Inclusion of all important divisional charts, 2) facility of horoscope matching on the basis of ashtakoota guna matching and manglik dosh compatibility, 3) Objective of Astrology is to give accurate predictions about future but its utility lies in prescribing the correct remedies and this astro software gives remedial measures like lucky gem, navgrah Mantras and articles for donation. 4) All types of astrology tables required by astrologers are incorporated in Leostar. 5) Shadbal, Dashaphal, Jaimini, Transit, Longevity, Databank of horoscopes, yogas, astrograph, kalsarp dosha, sadesati vichar, 30 year prediction, manglik vichar and remedies which are not only useful for an astrologer but also a layman. 5) In addition to the above mentioned features the inclusion of any optional module of choice out of the following given module makes it Leostar Plus- These modules out of which any one of choice has to be picked up are- Varshaphal, KP, Horary, Lalkitab, Numerology, Muhurat, Mundane & Panchang.

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