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Get an introduction to palmistry
Are you interested in palm-reading? This tutorial will give you a beginner's view into Palmistry. You will learn about the principles and the meanings of various symbols. 

No Installation Required
Just insert the CD in your drive and run it directly from there. This multimedia CD requires no installation.


Quick Introduction To Palmistry
If you want to know about the basic guiding principles of Palmistry then this is the right tutorial for you. It is a starter's introduction made for beginners. 

Visually Appealling Learning 
PublicSoft's Palmistry's graphical interface will keep you entertained while you learn.

Complete Illustrations 
Palmistry has the full set of illustrations for the lines and the signs on the palm. You will know exactly what to look for.

Easy to understand 
Palmistry is designed for the layman. Even if you do not have any knowledge of Palmistry, you will find it practical and insightful.

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