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I-Ching is an age-old Chinese method of divination. It is a fascinating subject, considered to be sacred. Therefore, it deserves to be treated with reverence, and I-Ching consultation is not meant for frivolous purposes. Down the ages, it has attracted the attention of innumerable persons of various countries, and have gained worldwide popularity. Briefly speaking, the 64 hexagrams corresponding to 64 different real life situations constitute the subject of I-Ching. 

Mindsutra's I-Ching is a unique software that deals with this fascinating subject in depth. It covers Answers to various Questions in a very systematic and detailed way. The questions range from Prospects of Marriage, State of Health, Travels & Journey, Business & Profession and many more.

The Questions & Answers

  • Possibility of improvement of fortune in future ?
  • Possibility of fulfilment of desires. (Or realization of the object in view) ?
  • Prospect of Marriage in near future & Whether it will lead to a happy union ?
  • Prospect of Child-birth : Gender of Children (Boy or Girl) ?
  • The state of Health & nature of Sickness : Possibility of Recovery from illness ?
  • Outcome of a Law-suit : Whether it will be terminated in querent's favour or not ?
  • Business & Profession : Joining in Service, Job-Change, Starting of a Business ?
  • Travels & Journeys : Whether it will be gainful ? Whether it will be enjoyable ?
  • Lost Articles : Whether there is chance of Recovery ? Where could it be found ?
  • Prospect in Speculative investments or speculations. Gain or Loss in gambling ?

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